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KPM Plaque of Echo
KPM Plaque of a girl playing cards
KPM Plaque of a mother and child
KPM portrait plaque
Floral decorated KPM clock on stand
KPM Plaque of a girl leaning against a silver birch tree
KPM Plaque of a girl with a basket
KPM Plaque of



We are well known for our selection of fine 19th century KPM plaques. Opposite are a few of the antique KPM plaques or paintings on porcelain that we have in stock together with some other decorative objects made at the Berlin factory. They illustrate our comitment to fine quality and of course condition, which is always of paramount importance.

Always in stocků Antique plaques and other decorative pieces such as clocks, cups and saucers, vases etc.

We welcome both dealers and collectors to call us or email if you wish, including your full contact details.