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Price Bands
A. Under £1000
B. £1000 - £2000
C. £2000 - £5000
D. £5000 - £10000
E. £10000 - £20000
F. Price On Application
Pair of Fukagawa Vases
Large Japanese Satsuma figure of a bijin
Hirado Mitsuzashi (water jar)
Large Sumeida Gawa vase with monkeys
A satsuma plate
Yabu Meizan vase
Satsuma Koro in the form of a boat
A good Satsuma, Ryozan vase
Satsuma Kinkozan Koro decorated with butterflies

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Japanese Porcelain & Ceramics

Please find opposite a small selection from our inventory of Japanese porcelain and ceramics. The photos opposite illustrate our comitment to quality.

Always in stock... Satsuma - (by many of the collectable artists including Kinkozan,Yabu Meizan and Ryozan to name but a few), Hirado, Makazu, Sumida Gawa, Imari etc.

We welcome both dealers and collectors to call, in order to find out what is currently available. If you have a particular request please call or email with your contact telephone number so that we may help with your requests.